BENTISM Annular Cutter Set 6 Pcs, Weldon Shank Mag Drill Bits, Cutting Depth 1

BENTISM Annular Cutter Set 6 Pcs, Weldon Shank Mag Drill Bits, Cutting Depth 1

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Product Description

BENTISM Annular Cutter Set . Cut Through Your Next Project with Ease
Our mag drill bits are made of M2AL steel material for longer durability. The portable case features foam padding for added protection during transport. The innovative geometric blade design enables layered circular cutting . saving energy and improving wear resistance and resistance to tool breakage. Combined with the clever design of center pins . they secure the workpiece and enable precise positioning. Try it now and unleash limitless possibilities!
Robust and Durable
Our annular cutter set is made of durable M2AL high-speed steel . exhibiting wear and high-temperature resistance even under heavy loads. It maintains stable cutting performance during high-speed cutting processes . significantly enhancing cutting quality and efficiency.
Geometric Blade
The blade consists of pointed and flat blades . ensuring a reasonable load distribution for efficient cutting. Our mag drill bits rapidly dispose of cutting chips and waste . reducing resistance from chip accumulation and lowering energy consumption during cutting.
Portable Carrying Case
The foam layer design ensures that the annular bits do not collide . rub . or experience external pressure during transportation . effectively preventing damage to the items. You can neatly organize the accessories inside the box and carry them to your workplace.
Wide Application
Our HSS mag drill bits can be widely used in steel structures . bridge construction . shipbuilding . drilling platforms . railway construction . and mechanical manufacturing for cutting various materials such as structural steel . alloy steel . stainless steel . aluminum . brass . cast iron . and more.
Speed Recommendations
Selecting the appropriate speed can extend the annular cutter's lifespan. Excessive speed can cause heat damage and wear on the tool's surface . reducing longevity.
Pilot Pins
When used in conjunction with pilot pins . they provide functions such as positioning . coolant control . and core discharge. This helps ensure stability and precision during the cutting process.


Item Model Number: 10190010146
Shank Type: Weldon Shank
Material: High-Speed Steel M2AL
Hardness: HRC62.5-67.5
Cutting Depth: 1"
Cutting Diameter: 1/2" . 9/16" . 11/16" . 13/16" . 15/16" . 1-1/16"
Blade Length (Include Shank): 2.42" / 61.5 mm
Net Weight (Including All Accessories): 1.65 lbs / 0.75 kg
Carrying Case Dimensions: 9.84 x 8.27 x 2.56 in / 250 x 210 x 65 mm

Package Content

6 x Drill Bits
1 x User Manual
1 x Pilot Pin 6.34mmx77mm
1 x Hex Wrench
1 x Carrying Case
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