Boobie Bikkies

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Boobie Bikkies® Ingredients

Although we are not revealing our recipe and baking processes for our Boobie Bikkies® lactation cookies (because these have taken a great deal of expensive research and development), we are aware that as a breastfeeding mother you care about your own diet and what nutrients you will be passing through our milk to your baby. Also, because individuals may be affected by various foods if there is a history of allergies, we want to share what’s in Boobie Bikkies®, so you can decide if they are appropriate for you or somebody you care about. If you need more specific nutritional information, please email

Because we know that everything mothers eat will be passed to their baby through breast milk, affecting the baby’s health and development as well as his behaviour (read, crankiness factor), Boobie Bikkies® lactation cookies are made from natural and organic ingredients with no preservatives, additives or ‘unhelpful’ foods such as chocolate that can pass through your milk and potentially cause unsettled behaviour. These ingredients will nourish both mother and baby’s nervous system while supporting mothers’ energy and a healthy milk supply.

Breastfeeding burns 500 or more calories a day, so high calorie, protein rich foods are essential for breastfeeding mothers to repair their bodies after birth and to support energy levels necessary to care for a baby. With Boobie Bikkies, mothers are eating a sustaining snack rich in protein, whole grains, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates, not just ‘empty calories’ that can cause fluctuations in blood sugar and energy levels, and related mood swings.

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