Maxs ATP Load'd

Stay Healthy Morley


MAX’S ATP LOAD'D is our new generation energy enhancing formula designed for athletes who want to maximise short term explosive energy and power needed for intense all-out efforts. This potent formula combines clinically dosed PEAK ATP® with 4 potent forms of Creatine to maximise uptake and energy output during hard training - all in the convenience of easy to use capsules.
Product Features
  • PEAK ATP® for Maximum Energy.
  • Insane Strength and Power.
  • Push Harder For Longer.
  • Faster Lean Muscle Gains.



What is PEAK ATP®? - PEAK ATP® is an orally effective form of Adenosine Triphosphate - the main source of energy that powers your entire body. Clinical studies have shown that PEAK ATP® is effective after a single dose (400mg). It increases the ratio of muscle power output and muscle activation during bouts of repeated exercise, and prevents the decrease in power observed in the placebo group towards the end of hard training sessions.


This demonstrates the unique ability of PEAK ATP® to activate muscles, causing them to contract with higher force right through to the end of your workout, sparking faster gains in strength and power.



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