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water filter bottles

VOL water filter bottles filter while you drink to remove more impurities than any other water filter for clean, fresh water on the go.

Pure water is absolutely essential to human health and wellbeing. The unique technology inside the VOL® water filter bottle gives you the cleanest possible drinking water while you’re on the go. Unlike traditional water filters, the innovative Disruptor™ PACV uses electroadsorption to remove so many more contaminants. That means less impurities inside you, and your water will taste better too.

With a 700ml capacity, the VOL® water filter bottle is 23cm high with a 7.5cm diameter. Take it anywhere and refill from any tap, safe in the knowledge that when you drink, trace pharmaceuticals, pathogens, viruses, particulates and sediment are gone. For the gym or the car, for school or days out, your VOL® water filter bottle filters as you drink, so you won’t have to wait. Precision-manufactured from advanced composites, the bottle is tough and flexible with the clear environmental benefit of being 100% recyclable*.

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